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Anthem 1.0.4 Game Update Notes Revealed with Improvements and Fixes

Anthem 1.0.4 recreation replace is now in use and has tons of additions, enhancements and bug fixes. Hymn had a very unstable launch, however builders are keen to strengthen their recreation.

Anthem 1.0.4 Game Update Notes

Upgrading every platform is as follows

  • PS4: ~ 2.3GB – 2.5GB (depending on region)
  • Xbox: ~ 2.5GB
  • PC: ~ 2.6GB

NEW FEATURES Hymn 1.0.4 Game Update

  • Legendary Duties: You’ll be able to play essential paths. there’s a much greater diploma of problem. One shipment is obtainable per day and is just not limited to how many occasions it may be executed. These duties supply a brand new problem and require staff coordination to make a revenue!
  • Elysian Caches: Earn Elysian Keys by Fulfilling Your Every day Challenges. These keys can be utilized in Elysian Caches, which seem on the finish of each Stronghold after the boss has been defeated to unlock safety and craft materials. Opening the Elysian cache creates theft for each member of Expedition. There are 67 distinctive vanities resembling vinyls, victories, emotions and arrivals. You’ll by no means get duplicates! That is the first version of the Elysian Caches rule within the recreation, and we are wanting ahead to the feedback and info we've collected from your recreation.

Loot Modifications:

  • The songs now have the power to drop extra gadgets and craft materials at Strongholds, Freeplay and embassies.
  • Apex creatures at the moment are capable of drop more robbery, just like the modifications made to the sheet. (Apex creatures embrace: Ursix, Titans, Furies and Escari / Luminaries)
  • GM1 hardships and greater Stronghold bosses now have extra robberies and a chance for extraordinary masterpieces and legendary targets.

Nvidia Highlights:

Added help for Nvidia Highlights for mechanically capturing screenshots and recreation pictures:

  • Visiting and Watching Views
  • Killing Some Great Beings
  • Performing Multiple Killing
  • Killing Legendary Beings
  • Killing Legendary Beings Finding
  • When the participant is within the downhill of enemies

PC settings:

Added view subject for sliders for various cameras:

  • Ground FOV: Modify
  • Zoomed FOV: Adjusts the sector of view of the digital camera when your weapon is zoomed
  • Flight FOV: Adjusts the sector of view of the digital camera during flight.
  • ] Swim FOV: Adjusts the sector of view of the digital camera underneath water.
  • Pilot FOV: Adjusts the sector of view of the digital camera when it is away.

AFK Timer:

  • 10 minutes to five minutes

Nvidia DLSS Help:

Deep Studying Help Super-Sampling is now obtainable on Nvidia RTX-based video playing cards.


Improved performance with recreation enhancements up to date

Instance effects embrace:

  • UI
  • Weather
  • Time
  • Flat Area with Animated Beam


  • Forge:
    • Forge:
      • Forge :
        • Forge can now entry the primary menu when you are in Ft.



        • Fastened an issue where one other driver was accessed occasions which are unlawful.


        • Heart of Rage: A hard and fast get together collects who despatched players back to the earlier
        • Heart Rage: Repair the fog partitions to stop entry to enemies.
        • Heart Rage: Removes fog walls that would forestall the player from progressing.
        • Coronary heart of Rage: Fastened an issue with late joining
        • Arpi Temple: Fastened Issues on Mist Walling Might Forestall Participant from Progress
        • Tyrant Mine: Door main underground opens when first player arrives now and doesn't anticipate all gamers [19659005] Tyrant Mine: Fastened abuse where you possibly can double the looting of Swarm Tyrant.
        • Basic: Fastened a problem where fortifications disappeared from the map, so they might not be chosen.


        • Discovering Elders Buddies: Fastened Waypoints if a player progresses with out accumulating any remnants.
        • Imposter: Removed fog on the wall the place players can get trapped.
        • See in the dead of night: Fastened efficiency on Xbox One X when approaching echo lock. 19659005] The mission of Matthias: Discovering a hard and fast pathway for parts that would have left behind the chest.
        • Movie film in the course of the third Dax operation.
        • What freelance elements: strong ammunition that speak in confidence to the world.
        • goal textual content on how players can collect Corium
        • Assault: Fastened a set of voice points
        • Fastened quite a few looting prospects in Matthias legendary agreements.


        • Respawn timer not returns to revive
        • Fort Tarsis: Fastened concern where digital camera went off terrain when he acquired legendary contract from Matthias.
        • Fort Tarsis: Fastened a problem the place Commander Vule might seem in two places instantly
        • Fort Tarsis: Lowered the time NPCs seemed at the participant through the conversation to stay more targeted on the player.
        • Low Well being Alert Appropriately "Low Armor"
        • Fastened Grammatical Drawback The Legion of
        • The entry of First Cypher has been moved to the Cyphers part.
        • Audio: Canceled the sound when the participant canceled the trip.

        Gear / Talents:

        Fastened Textual content A number of Masterwork Gadgets that Incorrect% Values ​​for Ultimate Charging, Functionality Not Changed:

        • Ranger Frag Grenade (Final Argument)
        • Interceptor Venom Spray (Viper & # 39; s Chew)

        Fastened textual content in Forge Stic beams in the gear appeared as "Status" when it should say "Effect":

        • Acid Effect
        • Ice Effect
        • Hearth
        • Electrical Impact
        • Electrical Effect
        • ] Fastened drawback with visible influence of Spark beam

          Fastened Masterwork Gear so that they progress this time with rare, uncommon and epic challenges

          Javelin Elements:

          • The Break and Amulet Mark Winter Storm Grasp Elements should Now be proportional to their bonuses, have corrected text and icons, and must be useful.
          • Fastened concern with Mark of Clarity Storm, which exhibits zero seconds of cooling.
          • Fastened textual content for the Interceptor double-steel label element, which is clearer for effects:
          • ”Add any injury to X% of the platform and scale back injury by X%.”

          Fastened textual content for multiple master works when prompted incorrect% values ​​for the ultimate cost, the performance has not changed:

          • Masterwork Ranger Element
          • Masterwork Colossus Element

          Fastened difficulty the place Ablative Protection (Masterwork Colossus Element) did not give right armor and shields mentioned within the textual content. That is up to date in the player statistics, but the UI status bars of the element is probably not resolved.


          • Fastened area bar for weapons in the Forge interface, where "Magazine Size" was incorrectly labeled "Clip Size"
          • Fastened a bug where the Thunderbolt of Yvenia flash was not appropriately scaled to the Storm spear.
          • Fastened textual content for Artinian Gambit (Masterwork Relentless LMG), which is more highly effective:
          • Updated Relentless: The most effective balanced weapon on this class. Detonates a Combustion Explosion on Substrate Objects After Reloading


          • Adjusted error with secondary player injury scaling (mixtures, spatial results, last, close fight) where no fixes for scaling defects have been identified. 19659005] Fastened concern where remaining cost (20 downloads) was not appropriately granted to players when he recovered from downs.
          • Fastened a problem the place "Weakpoint Hit" triggers have been unintentionally lowered on enemy shields.
          • Fastened An issue the place the variety of armor elements shown within the participant's HUD was incorrect compared to their actual armor values. This is simply half the UI's reported "health mistake" drawback.
          • Fastened a problem where players might download to the expedition with out having all of their tagging rewards loaded appropriately. This is able to result in totally different issues at Javelin (fewer shields, health, most limits, and so forth.). We consider that this could remedy the issue of the reported health drawback, which is not UI's perspective, as it should now load the well being / shields of the windings appropriately.
          • Fastened situation the place player might easily be killed by shields and armor when it is started
          • Fastened difficulty the place changing arms at first of Storm Final would offer you complete therapeutic without Ultimate download.


          • Fastened a problem where the impact of lightning and talents unintentionally have an effect on the Korox creature inadvertently
          • Fastened a problem the place Defeated Beings would sometimes go into the idle slots unintentionally.
          • Further discount and tuning of the monitor boss within the coronary heart of the craze


          • Fastened numerous entries where the journal measurement was referred to as a "clip". Fastened "magazine" or "mag" (e.g. + X% Weap Mag Measurement).
          • The hip burn writing bonus is not used for Sniper Rifles.
          • "Support + X% Luck" notation
          • Weapon Reload stat was not appropriately utilized to gamers' weapons and has been corrected
          • Fastened textual content in Blast Injury so it not incorporates "Weap" in text it’s more clearly said that it applies to all explosion injury not only to weapons.
          • The textual content of the Defend Refresh and Defend Delay entries has been mistakenly modified to gadgets and has been corrected. These entries now mirror the meant effect:
          • Defend Delay: Improve the velocity at which the defend is loaded
          • Defend Refresh: Reduces the time the security break starts and when it begins to renew
          • "+ X% Pistol Ammo" has been updated and now refers to the heavy gun "+ X% Hvy Pistol Ammo".


          • Fastened a variety of points that would cause the game to crash
          • Players can now "junk" gadgets a lot quicker in their vaults.
          • Day by day / Weekly / Monthly Interaction Factors Now Mix the Player Instantly with a Cortex Tag
          • Fastened a lot of points that gamers could not work together with
          • Match consumables now sorted by rarity alphabetically
          • Quickplay situations can not be imported over 15 minutes
          • Fastened challenge the place small variety of gamers could not deal with gadgets and


          Modifications made as master:

          • Doubled grasp gear with multiple expenses:
          • Ranger – Venom Darts (Tactical Onslaught)
          • Colossus – Rail Gun (Hammer of Garred)
          • Interceptor – Cluster Mine (Bitter Harvest)
          • Storm – Ice Storm
          • 19659005]
          • Fastened Multiple Abuses Associated to Masterwork and Legendary Drop that enabled an sudden drop price when the player had fallen.
          • Added a new sound impact when the Masterwork / Legendary item falls into the sport [19659081

            This is all details of Anthem 1.0.4 Game Update.

            What do you consider Anthem 1.0.4 Game Update? How do you are feeling concerning the recreation now? Please tell us the feedback under.

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