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Astroner's Summer Update Files and Trailer Revealed

Astroneer is a sandbox journey recreation developed by System Era Softworks. The sport was initially launched in early 2016 and was formally launched in 2019 at Steam and Xbox One.

Astroneer Summer Update Patch Notes

Take a look at the upgrade under


The EXO Recreation Area and Leisure Shelter has been added to the game! There are also reviews of special versions of these areas scattered on Arid-type planets! EXO Dynamics is just not chargeable for any injury brought on by the seek for this item

Recreation area

Printed by: Medium Printer
Resource Costs: 1 Aluminum Alloy, 1 Rubber
Byte Value: 4500
There are additionally studies in these fields Particular Edition variations scattered on Arid-type planets! EXO Dynamics shouldn’t be chargeable for damages brought on by the risks of looking for this product

Refreshable cover

Printed: Giant printer
Resource costs: 2 aluminum, 1 steel, 1 explosive powder
Byte worth: four,000
Astronauts have additionally had quite a few instruments to help with storage and constructing platforms!

Medium C
Print: Small Printer
Useful resource Prices: 1 Resin
Byte Worth: 400

Excessive Degree
Printed: Small Printer
Useful resource Prices: 1 Copper
Byte worth: 1000

Tall Recording
Printed: Small Printer
Resource Costs: 1 Ceramic
Byte Worth: 400

Medium Storage Silo
Printed: Small Printer
Useful resource Prices: 2 Titanium
Byte Worth: three,000

New lighting, a searchlight, has been added to the game to assist astronauts in dark environments!

Printed: B ackpack
Resource Prices: 1 Tungsten Carbide
Byte Worth: 2,000

  • Summer-themed palettes and visors have been added to the sport! Please log in before August 31 to get them!
  • These summer time Sundown and Dawn theme palettes and visor packages are solely obtainable for a restricted time. To open them in your account, check in to the platform of your selection on the platform you selected before the top of the summer time (August 31, 2019), after which they will not be out there for opening.
  • New Unhealthy Dangerous Seeds Occur Typically By Threatening Hazards!

The inexplicable phenomenon causes beforehand uninspired "dangers" to not often drop what we call "mutant" in EXO Dynamics. Though these seeds are too anomalous to be properly scanned for analysis, we’ve got discovered that the ensuing plant that spawns them does not carry any of its dad or mum's harmful traits, however as an alternative needs to be discovered and – very innocent, and a number of astrons have been recorded utilizing them for decorative purposes. Find these fascinating new discoveries as potential droplets:

  • Boomallo
  • Common / Delicate / Deadly Liftbins
  • Dangerous Spewflower
  • Elegant Spewflower
  • Spiny Attactus
  • Risky Attactus
  • Harmful Catapult
  • Harmful Catapult
  • 19659017] Risky Catapult

Enhancing the High quality of Lifetime of an Astroneer Summer Update

The Terrain Device Frame Sticker has been up to date to enhance deformation of assist.
This new terrain device sticker has acquired visible maintenance to raised reply to the relative angle of the setting! The performance of the terrain device stays unchanged, but this new visible assist helps to control the terrain.

Car QOL adjustments have been carried out. The EXO firmware updates for every of the motion methods in your car have given them improvements in handling and drastically enhanced management functionality. Implementing "Donuts" and "sick tricks" can be much easier now.

Twist Tolerance and Car Cables:

Along with vertical and lateral bending (cable), cables may be rotated. This tolerance is restricted to 15 degrees.

Brake Help:

  • Growing the braking drive of the automobiles in order that they decelerate quicker than accelerators.
  • Making use of braking friction to your complete caravan of the caravan was such that the wheels are less slippery when braking

Automated parking brake:

When fuel is launched under a certain velocity, it routinely engages the parking brake. If the fuel is launched above this velocity, the car will transfer usually. The aim of this alteration is to cope with recurring feedback from players who only interact the parking brake when it leaves the car utterly.

Because of the above-mentioned change, leaving the car engages the parking brake no matter how briskly the car was going.

Towbar improvements:

Towing energy on wheel forces, quite than getting used as a separate pressure at the rear of the car. This enables for extra strong attraction, especially as the lead car has no draw on all its wheels.

The towbar takes under consideration the load distinction between itself and its trailers. This applies to a tractor with the lowest torque when it has no related trailers.

Adjustable towing forces for all automobiles are more efficient in longer caravans

Drill Steerage Enhancements:

  • reacts to left or right steering and strikes deformation sideways appropriately.
  • When the stairs to the left or proper, the drilled surface runs to the left correctly.
  • When drilling straight forward, the drilled surface is subjected to gravity.
  • Automobiles have a wider radius of rotation when drilling to stop too tight a tunnel.
  • When driving uphill, automobiles have been accelerated in relation to slope quality.

Drill resistance:

  • When drilling, automobiles have a lower maximum velocity. The reduction is bigger if the drill will get off the bottom more durable than the extent (removing drill 1 from degree 2 terrain, eradicating drill 2 from degree three, and so on.)
  • Throughout drilling, wheel friction will increase throughout the caravan. The friction is bigger if the drill removes a sharper terrain than its degree (eradicating drill 1 from degree 2 terrain, removing drill 2 from degree 3 terrain, and so on.)
  • The goal of these modifications is that the workouts usually are not just more lifelike


  • ] Adjusted acceleration, velocity, control velocity and wheel pull for all automobiles
  • Tuned spring forces, neutral spring peak and

Astroneer summer time replace bug fixes

The next faults have been fastened in model


  • Basic
    • bug where the area continuity material breaks, causing the photo voltaic system to stop.
    • [AS-5943] – Ammonium and quartz pieces ought to not seem unfastened from the terrain toolpiece when they are repaired
    • [AS-5491] – Added worth of large-scale storage to raised meet its value
    • [AS-6752] – EXO research aids are not tagged as free when they are compressed
    • [AS-6879] – Players can now exit dropship once they press "Use" earlier than they’re prompted to take action within the tutorial
    • [AS-6937] – Cursor choice ought to not break the identify again
    • [AS-7006] – The animation of the Medium printer is now properly synchronized with the completion of the research chamber
    • [AS-7069] – Small gravel, resembling Nuggets, not stays when a player explodes assets with Dynamite [19659017] [AS-5120] – Planted seeds ought to not float,
    • [AS-7084] – Danger should not be eradicated at excessive velocity
    • [AS-7159] – Popper's dying animation was restored to an appropriate measurement.
    • [AS-7196] – Fastened a failure the place shooters shot ammunition was not hit by SFX
    • [AS-7314] – Proximity Popers ought to not play explosion with VFX once they spawn.
    • Attach automobiles that don’t brake once they slide quicker than their most velocity, causing rudder rovers.
    • [AS-6926] – Fastened a fault through which wheel constraints break now and again when the wheels remain on the bottom, which requires the rescue perform to be restored.
    • [AS-6927] – The car reversing perform should now perform persistently on each planet.
    • [AS-6958] – A shaping terrain with a Tier 2 class drill should not trigger nearby decorators to crash.


    • [AS-6911] – Storing and exiting a multiplayer recreation while the client continues to be within the dropship is not left
    • [AS-7081] – In multiplayer video games, the seed ought to not disappear instantly when planted from the client's perspective.


    • [AS-6612] – Corrected Recruit Palette for Retro, Flight and Terran Fits
    • [AS-7007] – Fastened a bug that permits players to remain in unused suits and colour palettes by biking menu gadgets in Preview mode.
    • [AS-7018] – Fastened Fault A number of feelings have been missing in SFX when combined with sure suits.


    • Considerably optimized system for sources that fly from saved useful resource deposits to a player's off-road car. This should remove the prime time spikes in useful resource collection.
    • Numerous optimizations for weaving an actor to scale back the effect of spawning areas on frame velocity.
    • Totally different optimizations to detect update and object overlap.

    What do you consider Astroneer Summer? Tell us concerning the feedback under and share your ideas.

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