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Battlefield 5 Update 1.16 Patch Notes fixes errors, crashes and enhances performance enhancement

Battlefield V Screenshot

The brand new Battlefield 5 update has been sent, fixes loads of bugs, bugs, and improves performance and new content material.

Battlefield 5 is a first-person shooter recreation developed by DICE and revealed by EA. The game is a 16-part Battlefield collection and the first a part of a Battle Royale mode referred to as firestorm. A brand new Battlefield 5 replace is shipped to the new recreation area 1.16. The brand new patch seems to convey a number of fixes to the sport, corresponding to disturbances, errors and additionally performance improvements on the PC.

Battlefield 5 Update 1.16 Particulars

The update is large. Upgrading is 10.64GB on PC and is 6GB on PS4. The patch brings loads of repairs to the game which are related to weapons, the participant, the car and far more. The newest update also addresses a variety of crashes. Players can now verify their progress whereas enjoying Firestorm with "Play Firestorm" – a day by day order that follows the progress of every individual.

As talked about earlier, the brand new content also comes into play, but it isn’t obtainable now. New content material is slowly added weekly or again (for instance, new struggle mountains). You possibly can take a look at all the necessary details of the Battlefield 5 replace 1.16 launch file under.

Battlefield 5 Update 1.16 Patch Notes [19659008] Right here is the entire Battlefield 5 Update 1.16 patch,


  • Added reload icon lacking, when utilizing Churchill MK VII 95MM Howitzer specialization.
  • Fastened concern that brought about players to drop barely
  • Improved levels of turnaround occasions Bomers ought to not be capable of flip to fighters
  • .
  • Modified irreplaceable injury factor between 1.8 and zero.18 for rockets and fighters. This corrects the rocket drawback, which causes too much injury as irreparable injury to the fighters. This alteration brings rockets to other forms of injury, and players can restore their fighter planes themselves after they hit the rocket.
  • Fastened a problem that may sometimes cause digital camera shake and bumps within the tank
  • Although in automobiles, splash injury indicators that seem when the injury is taken from the anti-tank weapons now present the appropriate path.
  • New visible mud effects have been added when tanks come from their essential cannons.
  • Fastened a bug that enabled JU-88 A to routinely restart without retransmitting.
  • animation when a participant jumps out of JU-88 A. The digital camera now has a smoother movement and less beautiful when the exit animation performs

Weapons, gadgets and specialties

  • Fastened a problem that brought about visual disturbances eg when using Mint or Gilded Leather-based in EMP
  • Fastened a bug that brought about a weapon mannequin to be displayed by a 3rd celebration if the participant switches between weapons and devices shortly.
  • Fastened the issue with MAS 44, which would make the magazine invisible in the view of a 3rd individual if a specific mixture of leather-based have been used.

Gadgets Tweaks

In this replace, we convey new modifications to Health and Ammo bins with the purpose of

  • Packing containers now charge the soldier's velocity to throw a distance.
  • The lean velocity of the packing containers is now influenced by the angle of inclination to allow bigger throws
  • to mount on the terrain during landing to ensure that they all the time descend in an upright position.

Medic Crates

  • As soon as chosen, close by associates will enhance within a 2 meter radius of the field. This impact is interrupted for 2 seconds throughout injury and 1.5 seconds during damping.
  • Once put in, nearby pals will improve within a 2 m radius of the box. This impact is interrupted for 2 seconds during injury and 1.5 seconds during damping.
  • When a gadget card slot is installed, pleasant players can interact with friendly docs to get their well being. A gadget slot, friendly players can work together with friendly help to take ammunition.
  • Think about these modifications as the primary iteration by following and receiving suggestions.

Weapon Tweaks

P08 Carbine:

  • An improved launch animation with less distraction in the iron sight.
  • Decreased back and down
  • Can not be used throughout bathing

Commando Carbine:

  • We found that Commando Carbine was already a little bit of a medium vary due to low injury and sluggish ammunition prompted arduous landings [19659011] Added Two-point loss range to 50 m (was 30 m)
  • Increased distance at which one head and one physique flower are lifeless to 75 m (50 m)
  • Elevated slag velocity of 350 m / s (was 300 m / s) ) and 400 m / s (330 m / s) when utilizing Excessive-Velocity Bullets.
  • Decreased contraction at the bullet, which was too excessive.

M28 con Tromboncino:

  • A hard and fast grenade launcher coping with defective injury

LS / 26: [196590

  • Tweaked return model to make the weapon easier to make use of.
  • Assault Rifles and SMG:

    • Improved Precision


    • Improved accuracy of a previous permanent hearth from another sample in all types of the way besides Mk VI Revolver. Which means hip fires are rather more correct than before

    Mk VI Revolver:

    • Increased working time to 0.7 s (zero.65 s) and 0.65 s (0.6 s) when used loops and cutter. Because of this the transition to the revolver takes longer, which signifies that it has a much bigger disadvantage to the pistols when it is advisable to change the aspect automotive shortly.

    You might also need to verify,



    • Enhancements in Soldier Lighting, This can be a shadow that makes third-party troopers a bit more seen in darkish areas . To study extra about this, read this text.

    Guide Slope

    Bending is a function that already exists in battlefield V using automated tilt. With this update, we introduce a guide tilt that permits gamers to regulate more leaning and use this function in additional instances than automated tilting techniques.

    • Guide leaning is simply out there when displayed.
    • Shifting Once more Based mostly on
    • Gamers can determine whether or not to have a gearbox or holder (OPTIONS / CONTROLS)


    The guide tilt can be used in two methods:

    • ACTIVATE STRAFE to read when ZOOMING:
      • Zoom and "Activate Strafe to Lean During Zoom (default PC" F ", console default" R3 ").


    • You can manually assign key binding to both "Lean Left During Zooming" and "Lean Proper Although
    • Zoom" (Not Specified by default). This is possible with the console using custom military mapping.

    Please note that it is also advisable to remove the manual tilt function "Activate arc rotation throughout zooming". Using L3 and R3 is beneficial on the console

    Other army modifications:

    • Fastened a bug that triggered the player to stop at dying.
    • Gamers can now additionally launch landing rollers utilizing the bounce button when
    • The touchdown roller is now scheduled, players should hold the button within 333 ms before swinging into the bottom.
    • Fastened an issue where players can be killed if that they had changed seats in a car, left the car and then ultimately destroyed the car.
    • ] Fastened a uncommon drawback that triggered troopers to misdirect the ladder once they received up.
    • Fastened challenge the place in some instances a soldier who was still standing around wouldn’t all the time replace appropriately from the perspective of other players.
    • Fastened a bug that may not often permit a player to shoot his weapon and use devices when it has leaked.
    • Improved soldier's Ragdoll conduct once they die within the water concurrently they are within the vault
    • The Interact perform now only affects an object that’s obtainable and closest to the participant as an alternative of launching a number of gadgets near the participant on the similar time.
    • Improved Soldier Gravity on the Slopes, Participant

    Maps and Modes

    • Eliminated Location Display from Apply
    • Firestorm – Modified Map and Added Three New Separate Websites: Watchtowers , Excavation Website and Blue Forest.
    • Firestorm – Fastened a number of slicing issues, floating objects and other small graphic objects.
    • Firestorm – Fastened concern the place players might in some instances be removed from the server once they have been deployed within the hangar once they have been in the workforce.
    • Firestorm: Artillery Ashtrays not descend close to the sting of the menace zone. Gamers who don’t belong to the minimap-threat zone have been previously capable of injury the strike even though UI advised them they have been protected.
    • Mixed Weapons – Bullets and Explosions that might cause display shake not have an effect on one
    • Aerodrome – Improved seize space at flag A whenever you play Conquest. 19659011] Airport – Gamers are not capable of climb up close to the hangar near flag E once they play Conquest.
    • Arras – Added bullet penetration for giant tree leaves and branches near flag A Conquest. 19659011] Arras – Removed the magical ladder hatches inside the home that teleported the gamers.
    • Loss – Players can not stop between the handrail and the window cover close to A Conquest.
    • Loss – Players ought to not have the ability to hearth sure partitions if they exist
    • Narvik – Fix floating PAK 40 if you play in breakthrough mode.
    • Hamada – Added bullet penetration to a selected bush that was previously bullet resistant.
    • Hamada – Added More Tank
    • Hamada – Gamers are not capable of cover under the D flag once they play Conquest.
    • Hamada – Gamers Can’t Cease In The Ruined
    • Hamada – Added a lacking collision to a small space of ​​the bridge that would lead to a fall of soldiers.
    • Panzerstorm – Gasoline tank near the capture level D in Grand Operations – There are not any more clips in the air a
    • Rotterdam – Capturing station not clips into bins that made it troublesome to use.
    • Rotterdam – Fastened a number of sandbags that may stay in the air if the item under was
    • Rotterdam – a destroyed artillery cannon not clips at an ammunition filling station close to B point when enjoying Grand Operations.
    • Struggle Tales – Gamers with Eye Element might need to repeat struggle tales once extra

    UI / HUD / Options / Assignments / Different Modifications

    • The weapons earned via class progress at the moment are locked appropriately even when the player leaves halfway.
    • Fastened an error with scoring to make the enemy hit
    • Corrected missing descriptions in some army targets
    • The repaired third individual released the timer from the restoration icon to appropriately display the retraction velocity.
    • Rush Dog tags at the moment are unlocked
    • The P08-Carbine gun's Bronze Dog keyword is now correctly locked if it's earned.
    • Kar98okay now has a picture and identify when the default string is chosen within the Edit Weapons display.
    • "Play Firestorm" every day order now follows the progress properly.
    • Fastened difficulty the place gamers did not see Fight options underneath "Your Business" if the player had just played a training field.
    • When players appear directly in the visible enemy within 8 m, the enemy's label is displayed only for that player, similar to the previous Battlefield names.
    • The camera will no longer go underground if the match ends when the player is running
    • War Stories – The Last Tiger – Fixed a Fault in which the war letters were not correctly calculated in some cases, so opening up the Tank's skin reward would not be possible
    • Fixed a rare bug in the startup timer,
    • Better Mouse Sensitivity (Basic Control Options) Control – Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to adjust the mouse sensitivity of soldiers and vehicles to decimals.
    • Fixed a problem where a mouse click on the slider's numerical part would cause the profile setting to be reset to 0.
    • Firestorm – Added 3 scoring events to Firestorm, because when squadmate Downs, kills, or squad wipes enemies.
    • Tweaked Scoring Events Finals Ranking and Winnings in Firestorm: 50, 100, 150 and 500/750/1000 (Squad / duo / Squad) – 200, 500, 1000 and 1250/1250/1250.
    • Tweaked "Final 32/16/8" Scoring Event for Firestorm: 50, 100, 150 – 200/500/1000.
    • The pizza baker tried new flavors when he suddenly had a terrible idea. He decided to use pineapple as a filling. When it has served a friend, the reaction was simply ”Ha! Why? “- so the pizza was named Hawaii.


    • Various Collision Corrections and Stability Improvements
    • Fixed a certain crash that caused instability when using the viewer

    <img class="size-full wp-image-48994" src="" alt=" on the RTX Battlefield V screen "title =" on the RTX Battlefield V screen " />

    PC-specific enhancements

    • Increased direct shut fight buttons and close-up / bayonet compatibility when using a PC controller
    • Firestorm – Better visibility from aperture when enjoying with small settings
    • Selected left and right scroll arrow
    • The Squad Amplifier Button Indicators subject widget modifications now if the participant makes use of custom buttons
    • Players can now equip the customization menu with the keyboard. brought its image
    • The army sensitivity sliders of the troopers and automobiles (within the Primary Management Settings display) can now be adjusted with a more precise step utilizing the left / proper key.

    is one hell patch DICE. EA plans to launch more content material for Battlefield 5 progressively and in a few months the brand new Tides of Conflict might be launched. Inform us your views on this Battlefield 5 replace 1.16 patch

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