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The three kingdoms are updated with the official data of 1.1.0 Beta Patch Notes

Complete Warfare: Three Kingdoms Update 1.1.0 Beta Patch Notes formally unveiled

Complete Warfare: Three Kingdoms is a real-time tactical video game developed by Artistic Meeting and revealed by Sega. The recreation has up to now been profitable and has the highest simultaneous gamers in Steam for all the struggle video games. Now Complete Struggle: Three Kingdoms Replace 1.1.0 Beta Patch Notes is unveiled.

Complete Warfare: Three Kingdoms updated 1.1.0 Beta Patch Notes

The update is at present provided in an opt-in beta format and we'll clarify how one can get it

Learn how to get the good conflict: Three kingdoms updated 1.1 .zero

  • Right-click Complete Waria: THREE KINGDOM in Steam Library
  • Click on Properties and click Betas tab
  • Select Update_beta from the drop-down menu
  • Shut window and the constructing will replace mechanically

High Warfare Highlights: Three kingdoms updated 1.1.0

This update applies to a number of areas, many of which have been reported by players. Some of the necessary priorities are:

  • Stability (Decreased Crashes)
  • Many Battle-AI Corrections and Conduct Enhancements
  • Different Vasalization Guidelines That Scale back Yuan Shao's Copper Dominant Position
  • Improved Tutorial
  • UI Added key software ideas (eg Food breakdown) and better consumer interface scaling
  • Infants are now more more likely to be born in marriage
  • UI scaling for ultrasonic screens is now working correctly


  • Faction demise not studies marketing campaign profit achievement [19659007] Exaptute Captives achievements now begin up correctly
  • Ambush This can be a positive achievement, which now starts appropriately, and cannot be granted if the battle moved to the [five-19659007] social gathering's achievement is now awarded appropriately when the indicator switches faction to hitch my
  • If you don’t can die, surrender arrives I am proper now
  • One Arrow, Two Hawks achievement can now be in d in MP campaign


  • Models shouldn’t play animation for their battle area earlier than pulling their gun
  • Strategists pull their sword at the proper time

Stability [19659006] Hidden axes ammunition dropped from 10 to 5
  • Injury values ​​elevated by 20% in the following models:
      • Archers
      • Onyx Dragons
      • Jian's #
      • Yi Marksmen
      • Yi Marksmen
    • Hit factors increased by 10
    • Heavy cruiser
    • Fury of Beihai
    • Mercenary archers
    • Yi archers
    • Men in the forest
    • ] Medium-sized toddler changed from 100 to 110
    • The cavalry usually, together with the characters, deals with less collision injury
    • Sentinels with certain relationships can attain over 100% of Melee Evasion. The effects of the relationship have been balanced to keep away from this
    • Zhang Fei and Zhang Yang's armor not give fatigue freedom throughout their survival, only by themselves
    • He Yi and Huang Shaon's backgrounds are better influenced by their specialties and gameplay focuses
    • Siege automobiles endure now AP Injury


    • Models in Turtle formation are now pulling out right
    • Protection models now have Hearth at Will enabled by default
    • Trebuchets harm now
    • Trebuchets cannot be damaged by common arrows [19659007] Elemental power is now capable of appropriately out and is reset when the common is the battle

    Battle AI

    • AI-controlled characters should not be used to idle in entrance of the arrow towers
    • Housing options defensive AI now focuses on weak missile models on prime of the player's generals
    • Affirm
    • AI reinforcements in useful resource struggles ought to now participate extra effectively in the participant's military
    • Attacking AI armies throughout siege with out bending frames is now more easily committed to scaling partitions and exploiting offenses
    • Extreme unit-sized AI- models are now more determined to assault the walls
    • AI armies defending small residential areas should not sit idle when the participant is out, forcing bets
    • Ranged generals should now use their springs appropriately
    • AI Trebuchets is now utilizing flaming photographs towards infantry
    • Improved AI-trebuchet hearth conduct
    • Robust archers react more resolutely to threats and are less more likely to break into the position, particularly at the starting of the battle [19659007] Improved AI efficiency and progress Nanhai Rice Pa on the ddy map
    • The AI ​​cavalry should now act extra decisively and fewer more likely to break when Cha
    • AI models are now much less more likely to be on prime of one another
    • The AI ​​cavalry is now much less more likely to cost spearmen
    • Unbiased AI groups of models are now more decided and exploiting the points of entry for answer stations once they are threatened by enemy defenses
    • The AI ​​armies are now coordinating improvements in the selection of answer points
    • Improved coordination between a number of models in the similar AI unit
    • AI decision-making improved by hand handshake

    ] Battle

    • Reduction of digital camera shear with barricades and deep water
    • Season tickets now operate on farms
    • Numerous map view enhancements
    • Fastened difficulty the place some dropped models are not animated t
    • Decreasing mist in Pink Cliffs Historic Battle

    Battle Interface

    • When a battle is interrupted in film mode, the pause icon is not displayed. ts!)
    • The unit details panel term Battle Statistics has been modified to unit mode consistent
    • In the customized battle lobby, the scroll window is updated to display out there models when switching between generals


    • The Emperor's Place is now moved appropriately when capital is transferred
    • More animation modifications are now being launched in delegated battles
    • Harmony and Disharmony not have an effect on characters that are not but older
    • now not saying the empire as a result of participant moves capital

    Marketing campaign stability

    • Lü Bu is now costlier
    • Infants are now extra more likely to be born out of marriage
    • Dong Zhuo's menace belongings are now slowing down
    • Huang Shao and He Yi's Individuals in Power Bonus are now properly used


    • When Gong Du Connect Wudu Town Answer p Jolie 1, Dong Zhuo abdicati occasion not starts routinely
    • Dong Zhuo not declares Emperor Liu Bei & # 39; s who captures his first yellow Turban answer
    • Gongsun Zan's Battle

    Marketing campaign Card

    • Clicking the Zoom Button on a Destroyed Mark or Group-Associated Dilemma will not transfer the digital camera to an empty, out-of-area map

    Marketing campaign Interface

    • UI Scaling for Ultrasonic Screens Now Works Proper [19659007] Improved Map Seam on Yellow River Luoyang
    • Commandery meals complete now has a software sort with detailed specification and modifiers
    • Character Satisfaction Icons now work correctly
    • Totally different Typing Errors, Edge Limits, Software Tip and UI Panel Fastened
    • Recruitment Button works proper now when all army models are at full capacity
    • Army readings for army upgrades are now updated appropriately
    • De feat display now exhibits load recreation choice
    • Grudges are now displaying spy candidates
    • victory videos are not displayed twice in the multiplayer marketing campaign when the Joint Task is valid


    • Excessive-level legal positions of yellow turban groups now show their bonus packages
    • Gongsun Zan's inspector places not take directors
    • Lifeless marks are now grey


    • AI teams are less inclined to simply accept vassals if they’ve lately released a vassal champion
    • AI groupings are not more likely to participate in different groups in if they already have a large quantity
    • Improved distribution of constructive and damaging attitudes
    • The Yuan Shun Demand Subservience choice is now working properly
    • Deal analysis numbers for voters are now displayed when AI factions are asking for membership
    • Software varieties not cover the group record
    • Teams should not ask for army help for the teams you are already in conflict
    • Becoming a member of the conflict is not taking you to warfare with the troopers
    • The participant can not accept the diplomatic commerce provided at the end of the round
    • AI now provides more dependable ultimatums towards a participant
    • In the Alliance Conflict, the place allies have been destroyed, it is now potential to negotiate peace with an enemy
    • Diplomatic Threats Now
    • Cancellation Button Added to Fast Agreement
    • Deletion of phrase "and Allies", which at occasions proved flawed to reject a gaggle if no allies have been involved
    • Gamers can not unload particular person funds in small amounts in trade for nothing until the target group Treasury is empty
    • When proposing any variety of vasalag, provides and autonomy necessities work now
    • Canceling the treaties can now create new diplomatic consequences or agreements if relevant
    • Meals manufacturing has been added to the standards for AI teams when evaluating the space, eliminating meals games
    • Shifting the coalition to a army alliance soon after the coalition is shaped


    • Medium timber are now shadows proper [19659007] Attraction VFX now adjusts the right digital camera
    • Higher edge mixing between terrain and objects


    • Viewers can not intrude with duplicate MP games.
    • Enhanced MP Battle Loop Filtering
    • Reverse AI Armies and Generals Who Now Present Hosts in MP Battles
    • Component Filter Added to Character Class Custom and MP Battles


    • 24 Single Crashes situations have been discovered and corrected


    • Fastened discrepancy between Ma Teng and Gong Du start line, tutorials have been changed accordingly
    • Downloading previous recording not interrupts educating program

    Complete Struggle: Three Kingdoms Guides [19659004] Kun You are right here to be sure to also get to know other recreation instructions.

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