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War Thunder 1.89 Patch Notes Revealed

War Thunder 1.89 Patch Notes Revealed – Imperial Navy

War Thunder is a free playable car fight multiplayer recreation developed and launched by Gaijin Leisure. The game supports a platform between totally different platforms and was launched in 2012. Now War Thunder 1.89 Patch Notes has been unveiled.

War Thunder 1.89 Patch Notes

Listed here are the entire notes of the Imperial Navy [19659005] Naval Fleet and Japanese Navy


United Kingdom

Japanese AH-1S

Earth forces








19659012] USSR


Roland 1

Great United Kingdom

Airplanes and Helicopters



United Kingdom








] Japan

New Placements and Tasks

  • The brand new place "Smolensk" with the appropriate plane features has been added.
  • Aircraft and helicopters "Enduring Confrontation" in Afghanistan have been added.
  • Naval location "Volcanic Island" has been added
  • "Green Mountain Gulf" (Boats), "Black Sea Port" (Boats) and "Fuego Islands" (Boats) have been added.

Location and Broadcast Updates War Thunder Thunder 1.89 Patch Notes

  • Buildings in Sicily and Malta
  • The stability of Alaska's seize zones has been corrected
  • Including roads and bridges to "Afghanistan"
  • Ramps, crossings and tracks in water [19659035] Visual Enchancment of the Property of Berlin and Sicilian Airports
  • The Maltese Fortress Buildings have been Visually Improved
  • New Bombings

Enduring Confrontation

  • The number of lively aerodromes has been raised to 6 for every workforce
  • EC: At "Afghanistan", street automobiles are positioned underneath detailed DM control, relying on the situation of the Soviet Union and US AI control battle. For instance, in Rank I battles, gamers should destroy T-26 and M2-Stuart automobiles in addition to Rank V battles, T-54 and Patton III automobiles.

Earth Movement Mannequin, Injury Model, Characteristics, and Gun Modifications in War Thunder 1.89 Patch Notes

  • The body removing impact has modified for the following automobiles:
    • AUBL / 74
    • R3 T106 FA
    • Sort 60 ATM
    • Falcon
    • Striker
    • Swingfire
    • Warrior
    • M3 Bradley
    • M50 Ontos
    • M551
    • BMP-1
    • SU-100P
    • ZSU-57-2
      • Hullbreak might be brought on by:
        • HE or chemical shells for 105 mm and higher calibrations
        • Kinetic (AP) round for 120 mm and for greater calibrations

19659029] The turrets of the T-80B and Т-72A tanks are made using “volumetric armor” know-how.

  • The armor of the Leopard 2A5 roll is hooked up. The dimensions of the filler, filler and cavity cavities is made more detailed.
  • The effect of smoke injection on exhaust gases has been added by activating the ESS (engine smoke system).
  • OTOMATIC – The kind of SAPOM shell has been changed from APHE to SAP-HEI
  • Challenger Mk.three – The kind of accessories on the edges of the chassis has been changed from the dynamic defend to the armored arm.
  • AMX-10RC:
    • clarified. It’s now extra detailed in X-ray view
    • The mass of the car has been modified from 15.5 to 16 tons. Source: Presentation de materiels de l & # 39; Armee de Terre
  • T95E1, Leopard 2A4, Leopard 2A5, M1A1 – Correction of defect and u-cycle in impartial transmissions
  • 152 mm OF-530 – The explosive mass of the shell has been changed from 6.86 kg to five.83 kg. Supply: Таблицы стрельбы 152-мм гаубицы обр. 1943 г. ТС / ГРАУ №155 // Справочник артиллерийских боеприпасов, подлежащих утилизации и уничточению
  • 120 mm T14E3 – The initial shell velocity has been modified from 944 to 960 m / s with a corresponding change in armor penetration. Supply: "Heavy Tank Weapons" No 501-04-Zero79 // Document AD0 802 080
  • M1, IPM1 – First-order ammunition has been changed from 44 to 22. Supply: AD-A201 907, SIMNET M1 Abrams Ship Tank Simulation – Software program Description and Documentation, BBN Laboratories Included, February 1987
  • M247:
    • The cannon identify has been modified from Bofors L / 70 to M266. Source: TM 43-0001-28, Army Ammunition, Army Division, April 1994
    • In SB mode, the number of respawns has been modified to 2.
  • 152 mm APFSDS shell M-69 Cannon – Massa has modified from 11.5 to 8 kg. Source: Отечественные бронированные машины. XX век. Том 3. 1946-1965, Солянкин А.Г, елтов И.Г., Кудряшов К.Н. // Т ехника и вооружени е // Отечественные бронированные машины 1945-1965, No. 8/2015
  • The designation of R.35 (SA38) has been corrected. Beforehand, the car was named R.39
  • KV-II 754 (r) – Gun sheath thickness changed to 70 – 75 mm. It is now just like the KV-2 (1940) weapon thickness
  • M13 / 40 (II) / (III) – ammunition use order cleaned
  • eight.eight cm Flak 37 Sfl. – One other rear wheel has been added. Source: Sturmgeschutze. Entwicklung und Fertigung der sPak //
  • TNT has been modified from 1.7 to 1.25 for the next explosives: A-IX-1, A-IX-2. Source: GICHD (February 2017), Explosive Effects – Ultimate Report, GICHD, Geneva //
  • M47 (105/55) – Added "Rangefinder" transformation.
  • Т-60 – 20 mm TNSh cannon has been changed from 800 to 750 minutes. Source: 20-мм танковая пушка ТНШ (ШВАК), Руководство службы
  • Plane mannequin, wealth model, traits and weapon modifications

    • Tandem HEAT fuel head 9,Zero120 "Ataka" for ATGMS has been added.
    • AGM 114B Hellfire – Maximum Missile Velocity ​​Decided
    • The maximum management vary for the following missiles has been confirmed:
      • 9M114
      • 9М17M
      • 9М120
      • TOW-2
      • TOW-2


    • Sort 92 and Sort 89 Machine Guns – IAI Ammunition (Fast Action Bulb) Confirmed (Source)
    • НС-45 – Explosive Mass of HEFI-T has been confirmed (source)
    • Hispano 404 – Composition of varied armor-piercing belts as in comparison with comparable composite belts (source).
    • AP-T, HE-I rounds have been added to Ho-103/104 machine guns (supply).
    • 200 kg №1 bomb mass and sort of explosive has been confirmed (source).
    • 50 kg G.A. MNN bomb – Bomb identify, mass of explosive and weight has been confirmed (supply)
    • 500 kg №2 bomb – The load, mass and sort of explosive have been confirmed (source)
    • FAB -5000 – Explosive sort is Corrected (supply)
    • 750 pound M117 bomb – Explosive sort confirmed
    • AH-1F, AH-1Z – "A new 20mm cannon change that previously showed a negative bonus failure rate has been corrected (source).
    • Ammunition weapon change XM-35 ammunition has been repaired.
    • AH-1F / G / Z, UH-1B / C / C XM-30 weapon pod XM-18 conversion name changed to M18A1 (source)
    • UH-1C XM-30 – The following weapon settings have been added: XM159, XM21, XM5.
    • Information Displayed for the AH-1Z – Sidewinders Missile Module with Flares Transformation is
    • Mi-24P / V (All Versions) – The ability to use some weapon presets together with R-60M missiles has not been investigated and exempted for its use (source).
    • Mi-35M – IRCM Modification Displayed When Not Detected and Opened
    • Mi-4AV – The number of crew members mentioned in the Vehicle Card has been confirmed.
    • SA.313B – Delayed Start
    • Mi-24V – YakB Machine Gun Display at Interface Shifted from Cannon Machine Gun
    • P-51H-5 NA – Information on Fuel Tank Protection Added (Source)
    • Be-6 – The corners of the defensive rocks are attached (source)
    • Mass, name and transformation of hanging weapon systems R1, R6, R4. Bf 109 has been fixed.
    • Fw 190 A-8 – Information on the thickness of bullet-proof glass in the cockpit is attached (source)
    • N.C. 900 – Radiators Protective Equipment Attached (Source)
    • FJ-4B (All Changes) – Round composition of Mk 12 mod 3 channel belts confirmed (source)
    • AD-4 – Add possibility to fly without interrupted weapons ( source)
    • Ki-109 – Possibility to participate in "Assault, Air Arcade" (source)
    • Ki-200 – Installed Guns Type 5 Modified Ho-155-II (source)
    • 400 – The total number of munitions dumped by the Welded Machine Guns has changed from 3000 to 4000 rounds (source). 19659029] The UH-1D – AGM-22 Missile Screen has been converted to SS11 (source)
    • Ki-49 (All Versions) – Armor Plate Thickness Behind 20mm (Tower)
    • P1Y1 – Rear Armor Plate thickness is attached (source).
    • Pote z 633 – A separate bomb has been added to the 100 and 200 kg bombs (source)
    • Il-28 (All Changes) – Information on the thickness of the rear tower armor glass (source)
    • Potez 633 – "Wing Correction" has been moved to level 3 (source)
    • Sunderland (All Changes) – The deflection angles for defenses have been corrected.
    • PBY-5 (All Versions) – The number of bullets on the sides of the tower has been changed from 400 to 478 revolutions per machine gun [lähde]
    • PBY-5 (all versions) – The lower tower defensive weapon type has been changed from 7.62 Browning 12.7 Browning (source).
    • H8K2 / H8K3 – Armor Guard Angles Corrected (Source)
    • SB-2 (All Versions) – The number of shootings in the protective nose tower has been changed from 950 revolutions per 960 revolutions per machine gun (sou rce)
    • Ki-67 ( All Versions) – The shield in the Nose Tower has been changed from 500 to 550 rounds, the top gun tower 400 to 500 turns, the rear tower 500 to 700 turns per cannon. source)
    • PBM-3 – Armor Guidance Angles Confirmed
    • SM.79 1942 – Research Ratio and Location with 12.7 Caliber Tower Machine Gun Changes has been corrected.
    • Il-28 / Il-28Sh – The deflection angles of the defensive weapons have been corrected (source)
    • FJ-4B (all versions) – The color of the offensive weapon markers has been corrected (source)
    • He 111 H -16 – The steering corners of the defense equipment are confirmed (source)
    • Pe-2 83 – The deflection angles and areas of the defensive weapon and the upper tower have been corrected (source)
    • F-100D – The negative indicators of changes in weaponry have been corrected (sourc e)
    • TBF-1c – The thickness and type of the lower tower armor element are fixed (source)
    • Sea Hawk (All Changes) – Presets 30 25 lb AP MkII Missiles Added
    • F6F-5N – Radar System Added

    Flight Model Changes

    • Impact of offensive and defensive weapons on caliber 7.62 – 20 mm for Soviet and British aircraft on aircraft behavior during burning. solid (subtracted)
    • The effect of helicopter rotation on rear thrust thrust has been determined. Natural rotation of one rotor helicopter in the direction of rotation has been improved.
    • The effect of the motor load on certain angular speeds of the helicopter autopilot has been increased. The autopilot now takes into account how the engine and propeller group are loaded and drives the helicopter more accurately when waving a high propeller height
    • Potez 630 – The function of the propeller group and the transmission has changed. Fixed pitch propellers have been replaced with hydraulically adjustable propellers. WEP mode has been added to engines.
    • Potez 631 – The fault that caused the engine to go down in a war-time emergency (WEP) has been corrected.
    • Ki-21 (All Changes) – Airplane model updated. Propeller performance updated. Edges and wing poles have been recalculated and updated. The focus has been recalculated depending on the load and the amount of remaining fuel.
    • Il-2-M Type 3 / Avenger / Ns-37 – Airplane model updated. Propeller performance updated. Edges and wing poles have been recalculated and updated. The focus has been recalculated depending on the load and the amount of remaining fuel.
    • D3A1 – Airplane model updated. Propeller performance updated. Edges and wing poles have been recalculated and updated. The focus has been recalculated depending on the load and the amount of remaining fuel. The balancing and maneuverability of the air brake has been corrected. The function of the automatic cooling system has been corrected
    • M.B.175T – Air brake added.
    • P-51H-5NA – Compressor phase adjustment has been transformed into a fully automated system according to aircraft technical description
    • Ki-27 – Fuel weight has been
    • Il-4, DB-3 – Airplane model updated. Propeller performance updated. Edges and wing poles have been recalculated and updated. The focus has been recalculated depending on the load and the amount of remaining fuel. Balancing and controllability are improved (with all types of controls).
    • Mi-4 – Main Rotor Direction Reversed

    Marine Naval Model, Wealth Model, Characteristics and Gun Changes in War Thunder 1.89 Patch Notes

    • Large-scale artillery vessels have been added to first-order ammunition with approximately 10-20 images of the gun. The fire when using first-degree ammunition is theoretically as large as possible. The number of fires in ammunition warehouses has remained unchanged. Thus, ships that can use first-class ammunition can shoot several times (7-10%) faster than a conventional fire charge. The fires and blasts of the first-order projectile are not fatal to the ship, and can only cause damage to the surrounding modules and cause damage to their crew.
    • Ships with separate ammunition have been distributed for loading in shells and store stores. Loads of loading goods are not fatal to the ship and can lead to the disappearance of some or all of the ammunition in the store and also damage to the surrounding modules
    • . A damaged elevator can lead to a reduction in the charging speed of the attached cannon battery by 8-10%. A destroyed elevator can result in a 20% reduction in the recharging speed of the connected cannon battery. One cannon or tower can be used with multiple lifts – if all the lifts in this cannon are damaged or destroyed, the reduction is no more than 10% and 20%.
    • Impact of the Funnel Damage on the Ship
    • Torpedo Torpedo Correction Speeds Increased

    Tactical Specifications, Physics and Damage Model

    • All Vessels – AI's firing range has been repaired. Details of the tuning area and the start-up path have been added to the status card for the shells of the radio security types
    • All torpedoes now have their own damage model. Now you can destroy an incoming torpedo with a direct shot from a shell or a closed explosion, for example from a depth bomb
    • Battle (D14), Vosper Series 2, Haida (G63) – Train Protective Equipment
    • Pr.159 – Magazines, Bridges and Radio Rooms Changed
    • Pr.1124 (1945), MBK-161 (1944), Pr. 1204 Late – The protection of the most important caliber turrets has changed
    • MBK pr. 186 – The cannon gloves have been strengthened.
    • Higgins 78 ft PT-200 – "Air Air Armament Concentrating on" change added.
    • Pr.191, Pr.191М – Armor of the Main Calibration
    • Battle (D14) – Torpedo view in torpedo launcher has been confirmed.
    • HMNZS Leander – Shell Spreading from Caliber Caliber Cannabis
    • Class Isles (T -285) – Ship class has been converted to "Minelayer" type
    • Type М 1943 – Ship class changed to "Gunboat"
    • ] SGB (S304) – The ship's crew has been changed from 16 to 34. The description of machine guns has been confirmed
    • Pr. 206М – Torpedo's tactical technical features have been fixed
    • Vosper's First Series / Vosper Series 2 – Ammunition has been divided into magazines.
    • Fairmile D (617) – Ships Armor Modified
    • Elco 80 Feet PT-565 – The active control surface for the rear cannon has been added.
    • Pr.1124 (All Changes) – Armor Protection of Main Calibrators and Connecting Boxes Confirmed [19659029] MBK-161 (All Modifications) – Fur Guard for Main Calibrators
    • Column – Long fuel tanks positioned on each side are divided into shorter ones.
    • Type 1939 (T22) – Minimum Permissible Vertical Control Angle of 20mm Guns with Upper Upper Skeleton Increased

    Visual Changes and Ship Models in War Thunder 1.89 Patch Notes

    • Haida (G63) – Differences X-20 Ray's View and Visual Model
    • Nurnberg – Correct long-range correction of the ship is confirmed
    • Class N (G25) – The displayed X-ray image is confirmed.
    • MBK pr. 186 (MK 85) – A fault with no major caliber of X-ray imaging has been corrected.
    • Nurnberg – The blackout behind the glass window has been added.
    • PGH-2 – Installing Machine Guns on
    • Fairmile D (617) – Depth depiction display on X-ray has been corrected.
    • Type 1924 Jaguar – Visual defects in main caliber towers have been corrected.
    • Type 1939 (T22) – The steering angles of the cannons have been confirmed.

    Research on Economy and Vibration 1.89 Patch Notes

    • M60A1 Ariete – Stabilizator has been removed. BR in all game modes has changed from 8.3 to 7.7
    • The cost of a 57 mm or higher caliber has changed (mostly decreased). Ammunition has been calculated for cruiser calibrations. For example, the Kirov armor piercing shell now costs 10 SL instead of 70 SL. The Leader semi-armor piercing shell now costs 50 SLs instead of 9 SLs earlier. The Brooklyn Armor Piercing Shell now pays 20 SL instead of 10 SL.
    • The BRs of the following destroyers have been changed:
      • Sumner (DD-692) from 4.3 to 4.7
      • Somers ( DD-381) 4.3 – 4.7
      • Tashkent (leader) from 4.3 to 4.7

    Customizing War Thunder 1.89 Patch Notes

    • New game mode "World War "has been launched in OBT format. In this game mode, players can participate in the reconstruction of famous historical battles. In the first season, "Recon underneath Hearth", which runs until June 10, you can participate in "Vitebsk Battle", Operation "Nordwind", "Battle for Caen" and "El Alamein's Second Battle".
    • Ability to hit ATGMs in flight, as well as moving torpedoes, bombs, and non-guided missiles with a direct hit on weapons, shells and the effects of explosions (shock and air and water) Added. All of these factors are also subject to bombs with a delayed fuse space whose surfaces have already fallen (ground)
    • The aircraft missile control algorithm has been revised. Now that the missile is directed to the target, the control system keeps the missile in sight. The target lock accuracy depends on the angle of the target, its distance (course parameter), and the maneuverability of the missiles.
    • New Sensor Types – Passive Optical Systems Added. Such sensors are not detected by radar warning system markings and can detect and track hidden items. These systems have been implemented by Stormer HVM – Air Defense Alerting Devices and Bradley ADATS (Air Defense Anti-Tank System). Passive detection systems can only provide direction to the detected object. The measuring range must be taken into account.
    • The ability to start the AGM-114B missile in the LOAL (Lock-on After Launch) has been added. In this mode, the player must connect the cursor and point it towards the target and launch the missile. As the coordinates of the controller inertial control system, the starting point where the points are directed towards is selected. After start-up, the target marking can be deactivated during missed flight time and just before it hits the target
    • The mechanics of air and soil radars have been reformed. The following features have been added:
      • Target tracking errors have been added. For example, Tunguska's surface air missiles are no more than 8 km. In real life at this distance on its track, the trace error is more than twice the radius of the missile approach fuse and kills the radius. The only way to increase hit probability is to use optical visibility.
      • "Multipath" has been added. The radar signal that is reflected from the point and is reflected from the surface and appears to be coming from the underground is not distinguishable from the subject's signal. The effect occurs when the subject flies at an altitude of less than 100 m (and increases as the altitude decreases), leading to errors in the measurement of elevation angles – the follow-up track searches for the object below. It is also advisable to switch to optical view tracking.
      • Earth fault has been added. The early fighter radar stations could not detect the objects due to strong ground reflections. This effect is strongly dependent on the height of the fighter aircraft and the height of the radar beam. At low altitudes, the radar stations were blind. The fighter's goals were poorly detected or not detected at all.
      • The cost of reserving the BR 8.0 and above ground vehicles (Spawn points) has been changed:
      • Helicopters equipped with ATGMs have been reduced by 15-20%
      • Air above BR8.0 In the case of vessels, the spawning costs have been reduced to the same values ​​as for aircraft with BR values ​​lower than 8.0. The cost of weaving
      • is now combined with the vehicle BR (same as BB values ​​lower than 8.0).
    • The cost of respawn at ground level RB for the following vehicles has been changed:
      • Flakpanzer I
      • OTOMATIC: increased 2 times
      • M3 Bradley: reduced 25%
  • ] The ability to select a helicopter air start point is deactivated
  • The ability of a ship to escape from naval battles has improved. 9659032] Connection
  • The appearance of clouds in the graphics settings "max" and "film" has been improved.

    Gaming Mechanics

    • Preparing to move to a new audio engine (a project that already has audio events that have been made and produced; audio databases containing audio resources for the game; new api support for a new audio engine has been added; all vehicle and weapon resources are renewed to support the new sound engine)
    • The mechanics of concurrent support for old and new audio engines have been created. The new sound engine will turn on soon after the update 1.89 and at different times on different platforms.


    The appearance of clouds in the "max" and "movie" graphic settings has improved. [19659005] Sounds

    • The preparatory work strikes to a new audio engine (a challenge that has already made audio events which were made and produced; audio databases containing audio assets for the sport have been created; help for brand spanking new api help for brand spanking new voice) engine has been added, assets for all automobiles and weapons have been upgraded to help the brand new sound engine)
    • The mechanics of concurrent help for previous and new audio engines have been created. The brand new sound engine will begin soon after the 1.89 launch and at totally different occasions on totally different platforms. X


    • Gamepad vibration has been improved (for PC and consoles). Now the vibration of all car management modes is lively (previously solely on the aircraft) and the game settings in the Recreation Controller tab have other vibration settings (Choices → Principal Parameters → Gamepad Settings).


    Romanian language has been

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